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The Worklog

This is basically the 'blog' of the page, providing updates about the most recent changes and updates I made - plus some personal comments on the development.

News and Updates also available as an RSS Feed, on Twitter and on Facebook. I update the feeds whenever I work on the page.


Quite a load of updates.

And now I should get moving on some more contribution options..


Return to Production! Well, I was not entirely lazy all the time, but there were no major improvements or changes.


Only minor updates today


Using suggestions from Google Pagespeed for Firebug I implemented some changes..

There is more to come, Pagespeed still has a lot to complain about.


I installed Google Page Speed for Firebug. It gave me quite a lot of recommendations, but most are based on introducing things that can only be set up via the web server - whose setup I can not change myself. Aww - but at some later date..


I took some days off in programming, and did not do too much over the other days - but there was some progress. In total I guess I'm waiting for the millions of users to come and use the page.

Oh, and some good news: The pageview and visitors number are climbing constantly. The bad side of this? It's only the various Googlebots..


I had some HTML experts look at the page and give feedback about what they think. While it was a bit of a comedown to hear that they don't really understand what the page was about, they provided some good ideas how to improve it. Thus, a bunch of changes.


Well. Over the past two days I worked quite a lot on the site - but unfortunately, my performance was rather poor. It was like in the starting days of my programming skills, nothing seemed to work and I made the most stupid errors. However, I got some nice stuff done.


Quite some updates today, including a new feature. If I only had some more visitors who would see!


After a break over the weekend I only submitted a smaller amount of changes. I have to admit that I try to shirk from adding the editing functions for the amount of work this is going to cause.


Wow, seldom before have I been THIS productive. The log below tells it all.


With burning some midnight oil, I finally got the images page up to speed - it now provides Panoramio and Flickr photos! Codewise it really was a good weekend, haven't been on a roll like this for a long time, the solutions and ideas just kept coming. Developing is really fun this way!


A great weekend - codewise - with a lot of improvements! Unfortunately, most of them are invisible.


Not much news this week. I guess after spending quite some time with development, I just need some time off. And to be frank, I could use some more usage here, which would at least show me that some people like what I do. The ultimate return would however be an eMail - even if it's someone telling me 'Your page stinks, and heres why'. But, oh well - I guess I just have to put some more work in order to make this thing legendary, huh?


Todays updates were a bit more laboursome, so less updates in total. However, I can now proudly present an RSS feed, keeping you up to date about updates on this page, and a photos page, showing you airport impressions from Panoramio. I chose Panoramio for the usually above-average quality of their images. Now that these two are there, I will spend the best part of Thursday getting hammered with some friends, so the next update will be Friday.


Major step today: Creating this worklog! This will keep a running account on everything I do on the page, on all the issues I identify, and on all the thoughts I have alongside.